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About Emily Bodtke Zambrana

Emily Bodtke Zambrana defends food and agribusiness companies and medical device manufacturers in litigation. As a member of the firm’s nationally ranked product liability practice, Emily represents clients in a wide variety of litigation matters, including consumer fraud, toxic tort, personal injury, and contract disputes.

California Consumers Can’t Escape Federal Jury Trial by Abandoning Available Damages Claims

The Ninth Circuit affirmed dismissal of a consumer fraud class action pursuing restitution under California’s Unfair Competition Law (UCL) because the plaintiff failed to show she lacked an adequate legal remedy. Sonner v. Premier Nutrition, No. 18-15890 (9th Cir. June 18, 2020). In doing so, the Ninth Circuit resolved a split in the California federal courts regarding whether plaintiffs may pursue solely equitable relief under the UCL, Consumer Legal Remedies Act (CLRA), or False Advertising Law (FAL) when legal damages under the CLRA are available in the same amount for the same alleged harm. This decision has important implications for consumer class actions in California federal courts.

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Ingredient Lists Still Matter: California Federal Court Dismisses White Baking Chips Lawsuit

A putative class action complaint alleging that a product labeled “Premium Baking Chips Classic White Chips” deceptively implied the product contained white chocolate has been dismissed after a federal court held that no reasonable consumer would be deceived because the product nowhere stated “chocolate” or “cocoa,” and the ingredient list plainly disclosed the product did not contain those ingredients. The decision reflects a growing trend of district courts limiting the Ninth Circuit’s Williams v. Gerber rule that a reasonable consumer need not examine the ingredient list.

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